Shawl in situ


I had a request to put up some photos of my shawl (the less dramatic counterpart to the shrug), so here you go …  in all its nicely blocked glory.

Shawl back

And as long as I’m going through the (very few) photos I took over the weekend, here are a couple more.  Of John looking handsome in his tux…

Handsome John

Us together after dinner:


And another shot of my shawl (thanks Mom!):



And of course the obligatory self-portrait.

Obligatory self-portrait


11 thoughts on “Shawl in situ

  1. The lace on your shawl looks lovely! And you look lovely too, of course :)

    Just wondering, did you block the shrug? There must not have been time, huh?

    • That is true, the shrug was not blocked. Back when I began the project, I dreamed of finishing it over the weekend and leaving it for a solid three days on the blocking wires before seaming it up and leaving for OKC … Ha.

      But I did explain to SR how to do a makeshift block, if she wants the lace a little more open. I’m not really sure it needs it, since wearing it naturally stretches the lace, at least across the back.

      And – thanks :)

    • Why thank you! I personally also prefer the shawl … but to each her own, right? But I think we both appreciated the little bit of extra warmth.

      (Now: what to do with a lacy, floofy shawl? I’m not quite sure how it will look with my usual uniform of jeans, turtleneck, hoodie….)

    • Hmm. Maybe I’ll have to try it on short excursions, and build up my tolerance. I guess I haven’t been here long enough to feel completely comfortable with the shawl-over-hoodie idea yet. But I think I like it… :)

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