Shawl Redux

Just a brief update, since this week we have a new and exciting project to plan (which I will write about … soon) that I’ve been busy with … but I thought I’d do a little crafting update.  As I mentioned, I seamed up the shrug on Saturday around 1 pm – and took a 24 hour break from knitting.  But I do have rather a backlog of projects (yarn I’ve bought and am eager to work up, a couple of actual on-the-needle works in progress, and three commissions) so I couldn’t rest for long.  On Sunday afternoon, I began on one of the commissions – a duplicate of my shawl for mom, in a beautiful blue/turquoise color.

Blue Shawl


I do enjoy this pattern, and it’s fun to be working in another color.

In other crafting news, I’m actually following through on writing up my shrug pattern.  I’ve gotten about 1/4 way through and hope to have it done (and proofread) by next week.  I’m going to be looking for a test knitter or two … so if anyone is interested, please let me know!

9 thoughts on “Shawl Redux

  1. I want to test the pattern! I really want a shrug, actually. The store-bought one I have leaves fiber poops on my dress. However, I’m not sure if I’m advanced enough to handle lace, and attaching sleeves yet… gulp!

    • Really? That would be awesome, if you’d do it. I think it’s actually simpler than it looks – it’s knit as one big rectangle and seamed up the edges on the ends to make the sleeves, and the lace pattern is one of the simplest out there (since I was in a huge rush). It’s only got one row of four that’s not just knit or purl.

      I didn’t make much progress on the pattern today, but I will hopefully get it done next week. :)

      (The other question is … how far down your knitting queue is it? Maybe I don’t have to rush very much. :) )

      • I would be honored to try it! The only “priority” item on my queue is a baby blanket due before I leave for vacation in March. It should be a fast knit but I’ve been procrastinating on it :-P How did you know what size to make the arm holes, and how big of an allowance for room under the armpits (sorry, can’t think of a delicate way to phrase it)?

        • I did some measurements on myself, and asked SR for her corresponding measurements – like underarm to underarm across the back, underarm to underarm over the front of the shoulders and across the back of the neck, and around the upper arm – and did some calculations. Do you want the specific details? Maybe I should email you instead of writing a novel-length comment.

          Either way, it’s really not a hard garment to size, because it doesn’t have to be really perfectly fitted – plus, some adjustments can be made after the rectangle is knitted, such as making a smaller or wider seam allowance when stitching up the arms.

          Perhaps I’ll put an explanation of the calculations in the pattern, so that people can adjust the size for themselves if they like.

    • Oh, thank you!! :) I didn’t work on the pattern at all over the long weekend, but I still think it’s on track for being done by the end of the week. I’ll email you (and Jennifer) when I think it’s in OK shape….

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