Flag building

The 2014 Winter Olympics are now less than a year away, and this is the month in which all of the details fall into place.  Tickets became available last weekend, for instance … and therefore last weekend was when John and I finally committed (along with my family and part of John’s) to make the trek to Russia for the event.  We are thrilled, although there are still a lot of details to work out – like where to stay – but the prevailing emotion this week is excitement.

As we’ve been looking forward to next year, I began to think about our last trip; we didn’t plan it very far in advance at all, since we weren’t sure how quickly Jonathan would improve, but I’m glad we went – it was a great experience to see some of the events live and in person, and a fun adventure all the way around.  I have quite a few photos from that trip, all in a jumble on my hard drive, and none of very good quality.  But despite my humble point-and-shoot’s efforts, I’m thinking that in anticipation of 2014 I will post some photos and stories from our 2010 experience over the next year.  Maybe once a week?  I’m not sure how frequent this will be, but look for Olympics adventures to come!

… like Jonathan with his brand new medal …

Us with our brand-new medalist.

… and Jonathan on the podium, which may be rather jumping to the punchline, but I can’t help it: this was the best moment of the whole Games.

Team USA on the podium!


5 thoughts on “Olympics!

  1. This might be an ignorant question, but is Jonathan officially qualified for the 2014 USA team already, then? Glad to hear his races are improving!

    • No, it’s not ignorant – especially with the way I’m talking here. He’s not officially qualified yet, and the official trials won’t be until the end of December, but given his level, something extremely surprising would have to happen for him not to make the team. (Like a terrible injury or illness – or perhaps a slight injury combined and 3 or 4 other men improving drastically in the next 10 months.)

      Anyway, obviously there is no guarantee, but it’s really hard to get a trip of this sort together at the last minute, so we’re planning for the most likely outcome, which is that he’ll skate the 10k, 5k, Team Pursuit, and (probably) the 1500. But we’ll see….

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