First Daffodil

It’s tiny, but it’s here!

Daffodil in Sunlight


I have found daffodils quite hard to photograph.  They’re just so bright and … bright … it’s a little hard to find the right exposure.  If I spot meter on the bloom itself, the rest of the photo looks dark and dim.  But in a photo like this, that I mostly like, the flower looks a little over blown, doesn’t it?

Either way, I’m happy it’s here, and I’ll have to practice.  (Preferably without having to resort to the multiple-exposures, HDR style photo, which is just not something I really want to get into.)

John and I found the little bloom last weekend, on a sunny morning, and as of yesterday (a cloudy day, which sadly didn’t make the exposure any easier) it looks like his neighboring flowers are about to join him.  Hooray!

Daffodil, cloudy day


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