Beautiful Oregon

In going through some of my older photos, I realized I completely left off our tour of oregon last fall, and never picked it back up again.  Today has been a day full of lots of news (including some great news from my brother Ryan), and lots of work (including a super-cute knitting project that I’ll show you … soon), so to keep this blog post simple, here are some more photos from our Labor Day road trip through Oregon.  Varied landscapes, and the beautiful Deschutes River….



Open Road





John and Max at the Deschutes River




Deschutes River





4 thoughts on “Beautiful Oregon

    • Well, you definitely should come in the summer because it’s dry and gorgeous around here – but not all of Oregon has the same type of climate. Our little state travel guide claims that Oregon is the only state to have all the major climates/landforms – desert, rainforest, plains, fertile valley etc. I can’t remember it exactly right now, but from what we saw on our little drive through, the landform part is right, since we passed the gorge, mountains, dense forest, open prairie, mesas, rolling hills… it was pretty crazy.

      At any rate, these photos were taken in the summer – and more importantly from further in the center of the state, which is supposedly much more dry year-round than the Portland area.

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