Giraffe Hat



Here’s the cute knitting project that I’ve been working on this week: a giraffe baby hat!

Giraffe Hat


It’s at the request of a friend of Jonathan’s, so no one I personally know, but I thought the idea too cute to pass up.  Here is the original inspiration photo, and here is a pattern I sort-of followed.

Since I wasn’t sure whether she wanted a newborn sized hat, or something a little longer lasting, I’ve made two, although the second one is still awaiting seaming and spotifying (with duplicate stitch).

Larger Giraffe Hat


To be honest, I have not been enjoying this project at all.  The knitting part was fine – really fast, since the pieces are small – but I hate, hate, hate sewing things together, and after Bruno, I made an agreement with myself not to knit any more projects that require so much seaming.  I don’t regret agreeing to this, since it’s for a good cause and the result is so adorable, but I’m dragging my feet, so it’s a little bit slow going trying to get it all together.

However, the good news: Bruno feels a natural affinity with this particular project, since both he and it involve so darn much sewing.

Bruno as a Giraffe


11 thoughts on “Giraffe Hat

  1. OMG. I already thought the hat was so cute, but then seeing Bruno wear it just takes the cake! I think I may take after my teacher – I hate seaming too :-P

    • That would be so cute! Especially with holes left for her own ears…

      I can’t knit anything for Maxwell, though, because he scratches too much to leave anything that can snag in one piece for very long. He had a store bought sweater when we first got him, but it was snagged and tattered very quickly. So it’s strictly polar fleece and other smooth non-knitted fabrics for him, now. Does Rory scratch a lot, or would she leave something handknit in decent shape?

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