Snoqualmie Falls

We saw the first rhododendrons of the seasons, and some early-flowering trees…

Flowering Tree


… rainbows created in the mist thrown up from water hitting the pool below the falls …

Rainbow from the waterfall mist


… and even a double rainbow, looking from the right spot.

Misty double rainbow


The fall itself was beautiful …

Snoqualmie Falls


… as well as (evidently) useful, both for providing power…

learning about hydropower


… and giving us all (including my poor camera) a gentle bath.

getting thoroughly damp

4 thoughts on “Snoqualmie Falls

  1. Fantastic rainbow shots! I have not been to Snoqualmie Falls and now I think I need to go. Spring is my favorite time to visit waterfalls too, because there is SO much water going over.

    • Thank you! We really enjoyed the falls, and the hiking … and really the whole valley area. I’d definitely recommend an excursion up there.

      And I don’t have much experience with waterfalls, but I’m thinking we’ll have to go back out to the gorge sometime soon to see the difference in all of our falls there – now vs. in September. I would love to see them in full force!

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