Twin Falls Trail

On this weekend’s excursion to Washington, we also went hiking on the Twin Falls trail, which was quite pleasant: a little bit of climbing, but not the unrelenting upward hike of Rattlesnake.  It starts out gently, bordering the Snoqualmie River…

Snoqualmie River

then starts upward through the forest, with plenty of mossy boulders of its own…

Mountain Climbing

as well as beautiful trees: mostly upright, of course – including one old-growth fir with easily an 8 foot diameter – some fallen, and sprouting new trees (known as “nurse logs” evidently”)…
Tree roots



and a handful still-standing, but hollow.

John and Maxwell, in front of a hollow tree


(Note Maxwell having a good shake-off at John’s feet.)

After a good bit of climbing, the trail leads to a footbridge over the river – downstream of the upper falls, and passing just above the lower.


Lower Falls, from bridge


John and Maxwell, on the bridge


Here we are at the top!  Happy for the fun and beautiful day of hiking – and certainly happy to be done with climbing for the day, also.


Us in front of the upper falls


Upper Falls


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