Evening – Homeward

We had a beautiful drive back south to Oregon.  We pulled off at a scenic overlook that promised a view of Mt. Rainier, but could see nothing other than clouds.

Mt. Rainier, covered by clouds

It looked like they might pass, so we leaned back, relaxed, and settled in to wait for a while.  As you can see, Maxwell took advantage of John’s reclined seat to take a little nap.


(Or not.)

Just a headrest

Sadly, after about 10 minutes of waiting, the clouds only appeared to be getting thicker, so we headed on our way.  As the sun set, we passed a little pond ..


a lake…


and the tiniest church I have seen.




4 thoughts on “Evening – Homeward

  1. Really enjoyed photos of Maxwell. You caught him in perfect poses. Funny! And that is an away winning quality photo of church.

    • I’m glad you liked the photos of Max… it was really adorable in real life. It’s the kind of thing that I hope is universally cute, and not that I just think is cute because he’s our dog. Of course, you only expand the sample size by one, but… it helps. :)

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