Now that the Giraffe Hat is over, and I’ve finished some other projects: my mom’s blue shawl (which is on the blocking wires right now … it took me a little while to get the blocking part done) and my gray hoodie (which is also currently blocking, but has been finished for more than a month now), I’m looking to the future.  My main goals are to work on some spring-like projects that I have the yarn for, and have had in mind for a while, but while browsing on Ravelry last week I discovered the Turnagain cowl, and have been plotting to make one (or two, or …?) of it, or something like it, since.  It’s a double sided fabric, with stripes of different widths on each side, and since the whole thing (both sides) is stockinette in the round, it ought to go quite quickly.  The only questions are – should I do it now, when cowl weather is quickly fading, or wait – and what colors to use?

I’m leaning toward making two, one in this range of purples – light, medium, dark, and “honey” (which is the gold, with purple streaks running through it) –


– and a second out of these blues, blue-greens, gray, and a shot of gold.  (It will go very well with my favorite winter hat, I think!  The darkest and lightest blues have a little more green in them than the photo shows.)

blue turnagain yarns


In the meantime, I’m personally re-test-knitting my shrug pattern before sending it out to my official test knitters.

Blue Shrug


It’s such a relief to be knitting this shrug without having to rip out a single stitch.  No stress, no drama, just working from a pattern: hooray!


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