So, it might not be the very first trillium bloom anywhere in the region, but it must be at least one of the first, and it’s definitely the first one we’ve seen.

First Trillium



We were hiking down in the Tryon Creek State Park on Saturday – a beautiful, perfect day for hiking.  It was sunny but not too warm, and the woods and creek were lovely.

Colorful Creek


We saw what looked a lot like a beaver-gnawed tree stump and wood chips:

Tiny Beaver-gnawed Stump

and some fascinating root formations, both bench-sized:

Root Bench



and large:
Giant Wishbone Root

2 thoughts on “Trillium!

  1. Trillium are a favorite of mine, as is Tryon Creek Park. What a good photo of the trillium as well. It’s clear enough to see the veins in the petals, perfectly pointed leaves, and all it’s sexy parts. You can tell it’s a young flower just emerged. I love that you’ve framed your shot off center and have the weight in the bottom left corner with the bigger dead leaves. Very nice photo.

    • Thanks for your kind comments. It’s a photo I feel quite happy with myself. :)

      I’m really glad we went down to that park – it was our first time, and we really enjoyed walking around there. I’m sure we’ll be back! Of course, we’re also planning to go to Silver Falls soon, which you recommended last year… and we’ve been wanting to go since. That’s going to be in the next couple of weekends.

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