So, so far I’ve only been able to capture relatively commonplace birds.  But I’m hoping if I keep my eyes open and my camera at hand, and keep practicing, I might get something more interesting one of these days.


I like this little sparrow, although unfortunately I didn’t notice until later (uploading the photos) that it’s sitting in what must be a pretty common spot, and it’s accordingly messy…  ick.


I’ll be more conscious of the background next time.


2 thoughts on “Sparrow

  1. The thing about birds is, they fly and they’re fast. I like this little sparrow. What a plump fellow. I bet if you put out a bird-feeder with a landing platform, you’d get some excellent practice. How menacing is Maxwell, though? It’d be kind of mean to lure birds with food if Maxwell was a birder.

    • You’re right about birds being sometimes hard to catch, although we have definitely had some great sightings. We’ve done a little birdwatching, not really seriously, but just for fun – and it seems that invariably the best birds show up when we haven’t brought our binoculars (or now, when I don’t have my zoom lens at hand). And when we *aren’t* prepared, the birds seem really content to just sit there, looking interesting, with no thought of flying away. The moment I point a camera or binoculars at them – poof.

      (Maybe the lens/es look threatening?)

      We had some feeders when we lived back in Austin, and really enjoyed them, although I didn’t have a great camera back then. The problem here is that we live in a condo with a pretty strict HOA board, and we don’t have a yard, just porches – so we’re still trying to figure out how and where to put them so that both the birds and the HOA are happy. Maxwell definitely isn’t a problem – he was tormented by the squirrels that plundered the feeders, but could not have cared less about the birds.

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