Tweedy Gray Hoodie

First off: hello again!  I’m not sure last week was tremendously restful, but at least it was fun.  (Perhaps more on that later…)

Now: my gray hoodie.  I finished the knitting of it back in February, and wore it twice pre-blocking, but have been very delinquent in performing that last step.  But I finally have, and got John to take some photos of it for me this weekend.  Hooray!

Sweater from the side

If you recall, this sweater is inspired by Kate Davies’ Manu pattern; it’s got the same puffy pockets and pleated neckline.


But I changed quite a lot: the yarn, the gauge, the shaping; I added buttons all down the front, and a huge, cozy hood.


Here are a few details, of the puffed pockets:

Pleated pocket

the handmade-in-Portland ceramic buttons, whose blue just matches the bits of blue tweed in the yarn:


and the pleating at the back neckline, hood shaping, and one stray un-tucked yarn end:

Pleated neckline

And the best part: me enjoying a project quite a lot of time in the making.

HoodI am a little (not very) sorry that it’s spring now, but I am looking forward to wearing it when the temperatures are heading the other direction in six months!

Hooray Hoodie

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