Cherry Blossom Day

Last Friday, our weather was so strange and beautiful and the cherry tree behind our home was so laden with blossoms that I could not help taking photos of the edge of the tree throughout the day; here are a handful of my favorites.

We woke up to a foggy, frosty morning, and the blossoms were striking against a backdrop of frosted roof and mist.

Frosted Roof, Early Morning


A few hours later, the frost had melted and the sun was slanting in from the east (although we had still had a blanket of clouds overhead), setting the flowers aglow.

Morning Sun


Then only hours later, the clouds had won out – it was a dark and stormy afternoon – although there were still patches of sunlight here and there, which you can see at the horizon, and on a couple of the flowers.

Dark and Stormy


By early evening, the storm had passed, and a full (but thin) layer of soft clouds covered the sky.

Calm and Cloudy Evening


8 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Day

    • Well, I’m not entirely sure since the tree is in our neighbor’s (fenced) back yard, but there are many other of the same variety in the neighborhood that do fruit. I suppose it depends on whether it gets adequately pollinated or not.

      I’m also not sure if the “ornamental” trees (“cherry blossom” vs. cherry) have fruit that’s really great to eat. My only experience with them in this neighborhood is seeing (and stepping around) excess cherries all over the sidewalk.

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