Oakley Cowl

Wide, Short Cowl

Over the weekend, I also cast off a project I’ve been working on for a year and a half.  In the spring of 2011, we visited an alpaca farm for a spring shearing festival, and I was unable to leave without a skein of gorgeous, soft, springy alpaca.  The tipping point was the yarn band, which included the alpaca’s name and photo:


(And the fact that the yarn was pure, undyed Oakley-colored softness.)

Given the coziness of the yarn and the small amount, I decided immediately on a cowl, but then swatched three needle sizes and four stitch patterns, beginning on our epic drive from Austin to Portland, before finally settling on what to make.

Once I cast it on the project went very quickly, but … I’m not sure I’m done yet.  I wasn’t sure quite how far the yarn would last, and the potential finished project is quite short and wide.

Folded over

While this cowl proportion is nice for draping around the shoulders, or even pulling down over them as a mini-cape…


… it’s not really what I was hoping for at the beginning.  I think I like my cowls more narrow and tall, so I can scrunch them down cozily around my neck and ears.

So, a dilemma.  Do I keep it as is, and enjoy having something different for a change?  Or rip it out and make it into the kind of garment I’m more likely to more often wear?  I’m leaning toward the latter, although keeping the finished project that I have in hand is quite tempting.

4 thoughts on “Oakley Cowl

  1. I really like the color on you. I also like Oakley and already feel a certain affinity towards him. I especially like it pulled over your shoulders as a mini cape. But, I think you should wear Oakley often. So, tough decision!

  2. Oakley, yay, so cute! I, like you, prefer tall and narrow. My little mustard cowl also ended up a bit wider and shorter than I would prefer, though not so extreme as this. I would vote for frog & re-do – it won’t be as bad as the infamous shrug, right?

    • Thanks for the input! And good point – no matter what, it’s not as bad as the shrugway shrug. :p

      I have been leaning toward ripping out, also; I want to love it and wear (often) the finished product. But I started two other projects (the turnagain cowl, and another hoodie) while deciding, and I’m trying to work on more sizes for the shrug pattern, so Oakley is sort of on the back burner right now….

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