Latourell Falls

The lower falls – right off the road:

Lower Falls

We passed St. Patrick’s Day-appropriate clovers in abundance:

St. Patrick's Day clovers

3 of my favorite men, a little way up the trail:

Boys and Lower Falls

At one point we took a little offshoot path down, toward the river, which was a nice detour – but with a super steep scramble to get back up to the main trail.

Scrambling up a steep trail

The approach to the upper falls:

Upper Falls from a Distance

Maxwell’s usually oh-so-cool, floppy, Barkley hairstyle demonstrating the windpower generated by the water hitting the pool:

Wind-blown hair

It seriously felt like a small helicopter was hovering over the water; strong wind and mist filled the air.  Most of my photos look like I’ve got some sort of horrible hazy exposure problem, but it’s just the waterfall’s mist.

John and Ryan (and later, I) climbed up behind the fall to get a different perspective:

Boys by the Upper Falls

On the way downstream, on the other side of the river, we passed a pretty awesome bifurcated tree trunk:

Wishbone Tree Trunk

Wishbone Tree

And a log that formed a nice little footbridge over the stream:

Log Bridge

Unfortunately, about as we re-reached the lower falls, the rain began, and our hiking was mostly over for the afternoon.  We did drive down the road and look at the other falls – but spent very little time outside – and my camera even less.

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