Budding Trees

It’s definitely Spring here!

Budding Tree


Cherry Blossoms






Actually, this weekend felt more like Summer – it was very warm, and almost cloudless.

Expect abbreviated blog posts this week: I am finally working on the last of the painting in our home.  It’s exciting, because as soon as it’s done I will be setting up my home workspace/office area.  Hooray!  I ought to have taken a “before” photo this morning, but didn’t think to; but I will definitely post an “after” or two when it’s finished.


8 thoughts on “Budding Trees

  1. Julianne, each of you photos are quite appealing. The first of them is not only appealing but compellingly
    beautiful.. Nice work! Love,

  2. So gorgeous! So jealous of your local cherry blossoms. The cherries bloomed early in Taiwan this year, so we didn’t really see many.

    • Oh, too bad! They are really amazing here, and our neighborhood is full of the trees, so we have had some wonderful walks in the last two weeks. I’m going to be spoiled for living anywhere else, now…

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