Summer Tweed

Evidently, despite recently finishing my months-long tweed sweater project, I’m not over the tweed bug yet.  (Which is good, because my local yarn shop has recently gotten in some beautiful ones…) I’ve re-begun working on another old stash project: a summer-weight tweed cardigan hoodie.

Summer Tweed Hoodie

It’s a standard top-down raglan, with the addition of a hood (also top-down, seamed up the middle) and little cables at the raglan increase points.

Raglan cable detail

I’m using Rowan Summer Tweed, which is a beautiful yarn, though its cotton and silk composition render it rather stiff and unforgiving.

Summer Tweed

My fingers can only take a few rows at a time before revolting – and demanding a nice, springy wool to relax them again.  I’m not too worried about the finished product, though; I knit and washed a gauge swatch at the beginning of the project, and the washing really softens the material.  It ought to be a sturdy and comfy sweater when finished.

Maxwell seems to have no problem at all with the sweater’s current comfiness, though.  Cotton, wool, whatever – as long as it’s one of my works-in-progress, he is more than happy to consider it his own personal bed.

Nice, comfy WIP

5 thoughts on “Summer Tweed

    • Yeah, and he’s doing the chicken sit, too. :) I’m not sure why he chooses a relatively thin fabric over his comfy beds, but he definitely prefers my WIPs if they’re available. Mom always said a cat will do it to claim your attention, but I’m not sure that’s his motivation…

  1. I think perhaps it’s a gentle way of claiming ownership over novel things in the environment – both visually and by scent-marking. If I put a piece of paper on the ground, Hunny will sit on it ;)

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