Demanding Car

Our car is currently demanding cod.

Mysterious Message

Is it having a change of heart about its diet?  Does it perhaps want to diversify its current all-fossil-fuel diet to include some heart healthy fatty acids?

Or perhaps it’s having a midlife crisis in which it believes itself to be the director of an all-piscine play.

It’s possible that its purported meaning is really true – that it thinks it’s been subject to an unsuccessful theft attempt, and wants us to prove that we’re its rightful owners….

But my personal vote is that that dusty dashboard has driven it out of its sane mind, and into a narcissistic state of making irrational demands.  Really – where does it want the cod?  In the CD player?




2 thoughts on “Demanding Car

  1. That’s hilarious! I’m assuming you haven’t seen American Psycho (doesn’t seem like your type?) so I hope you don’t mind me spoiling a particularly funny memorable part. The protagonist is losing it, and thinks and ATM is telling him “FEED ME A STRAY CAT”. Reminds me of this.

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