More Adventuresome Snails

This guy may not look that adventuresome just oozing across the sidewalk, but with his cracked, peeling, and dented shell, he (or she?) must have been around the block a few times.

Cracked Shell


I’m not sure I realized before that snails have four little antennae out front … check out the two little ones below.

Four feeler things...


Anyway, beaten up or not, it’s still a saucy little snail.  I’m pretty sure it’s wiggling its butt at me as it (slowly) exits the scene.

Tail Wag


Then there’s this specimen, a cycloptic snail who’s gotten himself into a rather awkward looking spot on top of a drainage grate …

Snail on a Grate


… and  lost an eye and part of one antenna sometime in the past.

Cycloptic snail


This one cannot properly be said to be on an adventure, since this is probably just its normal everyday business of dining, but it still looks pretty impressive.  Are snails much less dense than they look, or is that a really sturdy leaf?

Snail on a Leaf

4 thoughts on “More Adventuresome Snails

  1. This was quite an education for me on snails. I really enjoy the photos and text. It caused me to look them up on google. The upper antennae contain eyes, and the lower ones noses.

    • Oh, good. I’m a little afraid of grossing everyone out – I’m personally grossed out by them – but they’re also so interesting, I can’t stop. (And it doesn’t hurt that they are so easy to photograph. A lot easier than birds!)

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