A Fleece!

In the last 36 hours I’ve suddenly turned from a potential, would-be, sometime-in-the-future spinner into a bona fide right-now raw fleece owner.  See?  Here it is:

My very own fleece


It’s a Romney (with a year and a half growth), nice curly fiber, sort of medium-to-long staple (ie hair length) … in other words, the locks look just like crinkle cut french fries.

Crinkle Cut Fries

If you’re a real spinner reading this, you can probably tell that I have almost no idea what I’m talking about – but the people I went fleece shopping with told me this would be a good fleece to start on; hairs not too short, not too long, and evidently the crimped fibers make it easier to spin.

So how did this abrupt acquisition occur?  Evidently a nearby farmer had fleeces advertised for $5 each, and my local yarn shop assembled an impromptu fleece-examination excursion.  We went out this morning, and discovered that the $5 fleeces were OK, and that he also had some longer growth ones, in better shape, available for $20.  And custom-made for me, there was this one.  Small – almost half the size of some of the others – and half price, also since it was smaller than the other nice ones.

Now … the steps from fleece to sweater.  Cleaning, carding, spinning, dyeing, knitting….  here I come!

In the mean time – since I was out at a farm – I could not help photographing some of the animals, of course.  The most awesome was a Scottish Highland …. cow?  Sadly, I only snapped one shot, and the fence, not the animal, is in focus.  Cry.

Scottish Highland bovine of some sort


They also had some miniature cattle – a bull, and several cows.

Miniature Cow


And, of course, sheep!



These are all mixed breed (hybrid?) sheep since the farmer raises them mostly for lamb meat, but also sells the fleeces.  I can’t remember the mix … maybe Dorset-Romney?  (My Romney fleece came from a sheep from the farmer’s sister.)  Whatever they are, they are born black and slowly turn white as they grow up.


Mom and Lamb




Evidently the farm had 3 or 4 Ewes die recently, so there are an unusually large number of lambs being bottle-fed right now.  Poor little guys!

Bottle Lambs

I’m going down to Davis and leaving the boys behind, so I won’t be posting on Monday.  Back Tuesday!  Happy weekend, everyone.


4 thoughts on “A Fleece!

    • I have to take another photo and post it – it’s still the same shape as french fries (at least, wet and soggy ones) but it’s much whiter now. I’m hoping one or two more rinses and it will be workably clean!

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