Animal Friends in Davis



Yesterday, we visited Oliver, Jennifer’s (retired thoroughbred) horse.  Here’s Oliver!



He had a happy morning, rolling in the dust:

Dust bath

munching on some fresh grass:

Grass Treat

and doing tricks for carrot treats.

Turning for Carrots

A bow


Then there’s Hunny, her cat, who I didn’t get a good full photo of (sad).  She’s cute and playful and very vocal … and I quickly learned that leaving my suitcase zipped up almost all the way isn’t far enough.


We also visited some calves and cows at the University dairy.  This month-old Jersey, mouthing her cage bars, was my favorite, but the others were pretty cute too.

Calf, mouthing its cage.








And finally, the cute bike shop cat (whose name I forget) that settled in by Jennifer’s bike when we stopped for a new tube.

Bike Shop Cat


5 thoughts on “Animal Friends in Davis

  1. Neil says his bike is famous! The B&L shop cat is Milo – maybe he remembers my bike. What a fun weekend, it was so great having you!

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