Quilt Projects

Last weekend, John and I went back down to the awesome Hollyhill quilt shop to pick out some fabrics for a new quilt project that Mom’s agreed to take on for us.  As you can see we’ve got mostly blues and neutrals, with accents of red and yellow.

fabrics for Living Room


The project?  We have a huge, empty space above our bookshelves in the living room:

Empty Wall Space

and thought that three little decorative quilts hung side by side would fill the space nicely, and fit in well with the cozy library feel that we’re trying to give the room.  We had some difficulty choosing colors, not helped at all by the huge selection at Hollyhill, particularly with my leaning toward calm, more muted colors, and John’s desire for Bright!! ones, but I think we hit a pretty good balance that we’ll both be happy with.  Blues that we both like – my neutrals – John’s bright accents.

While down there I also picked up some fabric that I hope to use to “slipcover” a metal bookshelf for my soon-to-be loft/office (by wrapping the fabric around the outside and sticking it in place with magnets).  I’m using as color inspiration a picture that my parents gave me for graduation, and for the bookcase, settled on a nice beach glass color with little pink flowers – leaning against the painting below.

Painting and fabrics

I also realized as I was going through some sample squares that Mom and I picked out back in January to help with the color decisions that some of them fit quite well with my upstairs colors.  I’m thinking of stitching these together myself, and trying my hand at a simple, small patchwork quilt.

Mini Quilt


I don’t want to pick up yet another crafting hobby – but having these right here seems like too good an opportunity to pass up. …we will see.

7 thoughts on “Quilt Projects

  1. the quilting hobby is quite dangerous…I’m in the middle of three of them myself right now! looks like they’ll go beautifully in that room.

    • Ah, I know … I’m a little afraid I’m getting into too many hobbies, and I know how addicting it can be when you find a craft that just fits and is fun, or stimulating, or relaxing, or all three. But I’m not investing very much money right now (just the $10 for the fleece, a dollar for half a bottle of Dawn, and – so far – nothing for the quilt), so hopefully some of these excursions are fun and interesting but don’t turn into full blown hobbies. I do like trying new things, though.

    • Thanks! It was a little rough trying to get here, but I think we’ll both be happy with the colors too. I should have posted a bigger photo of the room, maybe, to show how the colors will fit in… I’ll definitely do that when they are finished and hung.

  2. I like the colors you choose. This will be fun! Also, I like how you put together the 30 squares from our January visit. Very nice!

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