Fleece, Shawl, Cowl

In crafting news, my fleece is now clean enough to move on to the next step (carding/combing) and is drying in the garage.

Fleece Drying


It’s lead to a little debate: John says it’s stinking up the whole place with a farm smell; I think the fleece smells a tiny bit sheepy, a little musty/mildewy, and a lot like soap, and that the “farm” odor is actually Max’s “nuisance” baggies in the trash.  I’m not sure that this is ever going to be properly resolved, but either way, I bet this is a post we’re all glad doesn’t have Smell-o-Vision….

Hopefully I’ll be on to carding very soon!

On the knitting side, I just cast on my rose shawl:

Rose City Shawl


Technically I’m not quite done with my cowl project, so maybe I shouldn’t have started the shawl yet.  But I am hoping to wear it in a couple of weeks, so I couldn’t help myself, especially since the knitting is done on the cowl – apart from the 3 needle bind off – I just have about a thousand ends to weave in on the inside before I can cast off.

Turnagain Cowl

One for each stripe.  I’ve got about 7 down … a lot left to go.


8 thoughts on “Fleece, Shawl, Cowl

  1. The pink yarn looks so much bigger in a cake! I hope you have fun knitting and wearing the shawl :) OMG I can’t believe you have so many ends to weave in – uggghghh! I can see why you needed a break!

    • Oh also, farm smell doesn’t bother me – unless it’s swine. That smell just gets in your hair! Congrats on getting to the next stage with your fleece!

      • Thanks! And the farm/sheepy smell doens’t bother me either – but it does bother me when someone won’t recognize or acknowledge the difference between fleece and dog poop. :p

        (And the ends aren’t so bad, really … but since there’s no huge motivation to get it done and wear it any time soon, and I can’t do it without watching/paying close attention, it’s hard to slog through all at once.)

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