I <3 redbuds

Is that too corny?

Heart shaped redbud leaves

At any rate, I really love the post-blossom tiny heart leaves that are showing up right about now on the redbuds.  Yay.

Heart Shaped Leaves



7 thoughts on “I <3 redbuds

  1. I am partial to this tree, too :) By the way, I can recognize rhododendrons vs. azaleas now – what we saw in Sac were definitely azaleas.

      • I started counting til turning it sideways to heart
        Nice spider home – now u hav to start spider ID work wrt other lilacs

      • Well, at least for the ones I’ve seen, rhododendrons are like 6′-12′ hedges (I saw one taller than a house today), with long, thin leaves. Azaleas are the smaller bushes, with pointier, small leaves. Though the flowers look really similar.

        • Hmm. I agree that you never see a giant azalea – I don’t think they can grow as big – but there are definitely tiny little rhododendrons around here, also. The little ones are the ones I get really confused about… (& when they’re small, the leaves are hard to tell apart, in my opinion.)

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