Lilac Palace

My favorite white lilac bush is now home to a tiny spider.  This guy is only about a millimeter long, and was hard to photograph, but I couldn’t resist posting him despite the noisy/blurry shot.

Spider Palace


It’s a perfect little cave of beauty, and with a web suspended between two cones of flowers, a good spot for catching bugs to boot.


I’m jealous.  I mean, I like our home, but if I had the option to live entirely surrounded by enormous clusters of lilacs… it would be a hard call.

And since I’m a little stuck on lilacs right now, right down to planning out Maxwell’s walks based on which streets  have bushes with the freshest blooms, here’s one more beauty that I got last weekend.  A classic pale-purple lilac color, just beginning to open up, in perfect morning light.



(And it looks like another spider friend made its home here, huh?  Although I couldn’t spot it….)


7 thoughts on “Lilac Palace

  1. The freshness of the blossoms are very enticing, and the new life expressed by the purple one is great! Oh, to permanently capture that stage!

    • It’s a gorgeous breath of spring, isn’t it? Although as much as I wish I could capture it permanently, sometimes, it is true that the contrast of the other seasons makes spring all the more lovely and enjoyable.

  2. These are beautiful photos! You always have the loveliest pics, but there’s something about the lines of the spidery legs against the matte petals that’s especially striking. Also, bonus points for managing to catch the spider in the shot:)

  3. I like lilacs too! My mom used to have a purple one, and she’d cut the bunches of flowers off in the spring like grapes, and set them in a dish for a centerpiece on the dinner table – so lovely, but I also remember quite a lot of spiders making a run from the centerpiece during dinner also. Spiders all over the table! They were teeny, though, and I’ve always rather liked spiders anyway so that was all part of the lilac experience. I’d forgotten about that until I saw this post today. Thanks for a little stroll down memory lane!

    • Huh, so rather an a one-off lilac palace for a minuscule spider here or there, maybe it’s Spider Metropolis instead. Tiny spiders don’t really bother me, although I might think twice before putting a lilac cutting on the table now. I’m not sure how I would feel about them running all over during dinner time….

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