I found this guy on Monday morning also, although he had to wait a couple of days for posting, not being as appropriate a celebratory photo as a nice flower or as awesome (sorry) as yesterday morning’s bird of prey.



But I was pleased with him anyway.


2 thoughts on “Wasp

  1. Such gorgeous creatures, wasps. I LOVE love love the wood grain and the wasp. Also the length of shadow of his wings is so nice. This is really good photo. It just evokes a hot summer day.

  2. …or a hot spring day, right? I can’t believe how warm it’s been this last week!

    I really love my new lens. I can’t get up close (the minimum focus distance is a yard) but even standing that far back and zooming in, I can get a lot of small detail. That looked like a plain, boring fence at first glance, but the wood has so much character up close, doesn’t it?

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