Blocking – Shawl

The shawl I cast on a couple of weeks ago is finally done.  It took much longer than anticipated … probably because I have not had much knitting time the last few weeks.  While I thought I’d have it blocking out a week ago, and a second project started, I didn’t finish weaving in the end until 10pm last night.

My feelings about this shawl have undergone wild swings over the last few weeks.  It’s my first attempt at designing with lace, and my first attempt at designing a shawl, and at times I’ve been full of excitement and thrilled certainty that it would be the most beautiful, perfect shawl the knitting world has seen – then the next day, cast into the depths of despair at how horribly far from my ideal it was becoming.  Now that it’s finished, it’s not really what I envisioned at first, but I’m quite pleased, hovering nicely in the neutral-to-happy zone of considering it a good learning experience and a good first attempt.

The most important lesson learned?  Don’t try to design a shawl on super-special stash yarn, with a two week deadline.  The process would have been much better if I’d had more time to rip back and experiment, and if I hadn’t been stressed about using up every inch of a beautiful cashmere.

At any rate, here are some details from the shawl.  I used stitch patterns (and modified ones) from Barbara Walker’s first stitch dictionary.  On the outer edge, the “shower stitch” lace (to me: rose petals) with extra increases and a 2-row garter stitch edge, which I’m blocking into points:

"shower stitch" petal edging

The middle section is a variation on the Rose Trellis lace:

Rose Trellis lace

and the top is a “little leaf” mesh, which to me looks like stacked rows of rose buds.

little leaf (rosebud) lace

See a theme?  I haven’t quite decided on a name yet, but my inspiration is our beautiful Rose City….

Photos next week of the finished, complete project!

8 thoughts on “Blocking – Shawl

  1. Congratulations! At first glacé, it is beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing the finished project in its entirety .

    • Yep. :) You saw the yarn – to me, it’s a perfect dusty-rose pink, and was practically screaming a demand for the theme. And to me it fits – roses are a little old fashioned, but so is knitting, and so are shawls, and it all works together.

    • I’m going to wear it to a graduation this weekend, but I’m also hoping to get some photos in the International Rose Test Garden, which I think of as its natural home. I’ve had the location in mind from the beginning. (And while “International Rose Test Garden Shawl” doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as a pattern name, I’m considering “rose city shawl” …)

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