bat bombs and potential raspberries

I intended to post today what I’ve got below, but first must absolutely recommend you to today’s post on not so distant past.  Bats – real, live, bats – as bomber pilots!    (And a fascinating look at the disparate, desperate extremes the US was exploring to win WWII.)

John came home with a treat last weekend: two raspberry bushes!  Raspberries are one of my favorite fruits, so this is exciting, not only for the reinstatement of our porch container garden, but also for the potential for delicious summer fruit.


Unfortunately, while we do have a little porch facing south/southwest, the side walls mean that it doesn’t get a full 8 hours of sunlight, so we’re not quite sure how well they’ll grow.  But we’re hoping for the best!


5 thoughts on “bat bombs and potential raspberries

  1. What??? Is it prank Friday? Are bat bombs real? …..poor bats, such fascinating and peaceful cousins. Ooo, and porch raspberries! I also have a porch raspberry and got a lot more berries last year than I expected. It is so spindly that again this year I’m possibly underestimating it’s potential once again.

    • Did you check out the links? It’s … sort of real. A real *idea* at least, although it was never actually implemented in war. It didn’t get out of beta testing, so to speak….

      I’m so glad to hear that your own porch raspberry did well! What direction does your porch face? And, how big a pot did you use? That’s another of my concerns – that our planters, while large, will be too shallow for the roots to develop well….

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