11 thoughts on “sneak peak

  1. Julianne,
    I am so very proud of you. Your knitting accomplishments are truly extraordinary. This shawl
    is not onlybeautiful, it gives you a gossimer air upon your shoulders. Love, Rob

    • Thanks! I actually wrote it out line by line as I was knitting it, so typing it out would not be very hard. I do like it, but it still isn’t quite what I was imagining at the beginning, so I’m a little torn about whether to publish it – or not – or perhaps try another version that would hopefully be closer to what I originally wanted. If you don’t mind, maybe you can look at it in person and see what you think?

    • Thank you! I do love that yarn – I’m so glad I went for it, instead of being turned off by the price. I’ve been keeping my eyes open, and haven’t yet found as nice a color in anything else. I think (hope) I will get a lot of use out of this as a shawl and a more casual scarf.

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