A midwestern bee on a Dr. Seuss flower:

Bee on Allium


… otherwise known as an allium (onion) of some sort.


2 thoughts on “Bee

  1. Hooray bee! What a lovely photo. I love the purple and the yellow with the blurred rocky background. Really really nice! It’s been so misty and rainy lately I’ve not seen any bees about. This is my favorite kind of weather, but I do miss watching the bees in & out of the secret hive near my apt that I’m deliberately not telling the apt. management about. They’d just kill them all, and the bees are bothering no one where they’ve chosen to live.

    • Thank you! I was also pleased with it, although I had another one that was going to be perfect – the bee was a little closer, and facing toward the camera – but it flew away right as I was about to take the shot, and I missed it. Sad. But at least I got it in this one!

      I also am quite happy with the cool weather, although it’s made both photography & walking Maxwell a little hard this week. Last weekend he was annoyed at the hot weather in IL – and now he’s annoyed by the rain. Can’t win. I hope you enjoy it on the long weekend!

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