Home Peonies

One of the few things we don’t have enough of around here: peonies.  (Although at least there are some, unlike cardinals….)  But last weekend, they were just beginning to bloom in Illinois …


… and I made the most of it.  (Beware: many more peonies to come next week.)  These few are some from my parents’ garden.

Fully open white

These guys are probably all out in full force right now…

opening buds

Happy Memorial Day, everyone.  Enjoy the long weekend!

4 thoughts on “Home Peonies

  1. Really pretty! Mom’s putting peonies in the front yard soon – they are staged in their pots in the backyard.

  2. I love peonies, but usually I only associate them as cut flowers from the farmer’s market, not as growing in yards. I wonder what makes up yard flower fashion.

    • Good question – I wonder also. Back home, it seems like their are peony bushes everywhere, yards, commercial areas, and so on. But we have only 5 in our entire neighborhood here! To me, they really are beautiful yard additions, and I plan to plant some the moment I have a yard to adorn….

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