hammock fun

I suddenly am considering hammock camping as a viable, fun potential activity.  Why sleep on the ground when you can hang from a tree?!



It just sounds like it would be so much more fun & exciting, and possibly less buggy to boot.

The tricky part seems to be: where to hang the dog?  And also: which are the coolest in-hammock photo angles?

hammock fun


(Thanks to John for the head-to-toes shot.)

And OK, I’m kidding about hanging Maxwell from a tree, of course, but still… where would he sleep?  Opinion on hammock-camping-with-dogs forums seems to be split between just leaving the furry friend on the ground under the hammock vs. having him or her share the hammock, but I’m really not sure if he’d like either….


4 thoughts on “hammock fun

    • That’s exactly what I’m thinking, especially the bug part. ;) And I’m thinking that if I can convince John to go for it, it’s a definite possibility that he and Max might end up enjoying sharing a hammock. Why not?

      Bonus: hammocks look a lot lighter to carry and easier to set up than tents.

      Have you ever tried them for camping?

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