grape hyacinth

Grape Hyacinths


Pretty, although think I prefer “regular” hyacinths, for their scent.

Right next to the grape hyacinths is this rather mysterious other plant…

Grape Hyacinths next to...??

… a little succulent-ish, perhaps?  Tiny little yellow flowers surrounded by much bigger sepals.

Green flowers





Any ideas as to what this plant is?  I’d really like to know!


5 thoughts on “grape hyacinth

  1. Your hyacinths up close are absolutely stunning. Also, I think that is the plant that is native to Korea. Wonn always talked about them. They spread rapidly. Dad says no, that is something different.

  2. Ooooo, so lovely! Great purple hyacinth shot with all the lovely green around. My first guess on the mystery plant is perhaps something in the claytonia family, but I also just know that’s not right. Hmm… you’ve got me writing a postie note to look it up when I get home this evening.

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