Lava Butte

Here’s another small piece of our last September’s mini-tour of Oregon.  On the way back North, we stopped at the Newberry National Volcanic Monument; one of the things we stopped to see was Lava Butte.  It’s a cinder cone with a little crater at the top, and as you approach it looks like a wild and lifeless landscape.  From the top, though, you can see that the lava fields are actually only a small part of the landscape – and that the vegetation is creeping back into them.  It really was startling, after seeing nothing on the cone but lava and a lone tree or shrub or scrubby grass here and there, to see all those trees!

Also, on another note – what do you think:  is it enough already with the photo galleries, or do you like them?  I’m a fan right now because it makes the post a little more compact (while still being able to add quite a few photos) but if the old style one-by-one scroll is preferable, I don’t mind going back to it….


2 thoughts on “Lava Butte

  1. I really like the photo gallery style. It’s more like a professional photo book and it’s always a pleasure to get more photos in without all the down-scrolling. I have not been to Lava Butte, but it reminds me of Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho. That place is spectacular! If you’re looking for another weekend road-trip, and are interested in lava, and lava caves, and its history in the NW, I recommend it highly.

    • Thanks for your feedback on the galleries; I’ve been a little obsessed with them the last couple of weeks, and am glad to know that it’s not grating on (at least) your nerves.

      I would love to go to Craters of the Moon some time. Thanks for the recommendation! I am not sure I’m particularly into lava, but I do love visiting places that interesting and attractive – beautiful, not necessarily in the usual way. And we are always up for learning about, well, anything really….

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