Pizza Experiment (still nameless)

How does bacon-and-egg with pesto on a whole wheat crust sound?

half-gone pizza

John and I had a pretty typical conversation in the grocery store last Sunday – I asked him if there was anything particular he wanted for dinner this week, and the answer was no, nothing in particular.  In the frustration of trying to come up with another six days of interesting-ish meals, but out of ideas myself, I demanded that he tell me: if I made a pizza this week, what would he want on it?

The answer was basil, bacon, and eggs.

OK, I thought, those are not the usual things I put on pizza, but why not?

Since I made enough pesto last summer that we still have about a quart in the freezer, and there isn’t any fresh yet at the farmer’s market, I decided to use pesto as the sauce instead of putting basil on top.  I sliced some fresh mozzarella, sprinkled some bacon on top, and popped it in the oven.  (We cracked the eggs on top about halfway through the 11 minute cooking time; they were still jiggly at the end, but looked like their whites had been fully cooked, so we crossed our fingers and called it good enough.)

Turns out John’s spur-of-the-moment culinary invention was quite an excellent one.  The flavors worked well together and the eggs somehow became amazingly soft and custard-like, which accounted for their wobbliness.  The main downside, in my opinion, is that I still have to make a separate veggie on the side to make the meal acceptably balanced, but I definitely think this one will be returning to the rotation regardless.

And also – we were singularly lacking in creativity last night and couldn’t come up with a good name for the creation.  Any good ideas?

8 thoughts on “Pizza Experiment (still nameless)

  1. Looks delicious, but I too am drawing a blank on a good name for it. The best I’ve got is “Italian breakfast pizza,” but I’m not sure I’d want it for breakfast, so I don’t know. Maybe just call it “A good idea pizza.”

    • Ha! That’s about what we were thinking. “Pesto breakfast” or “tasty pizza” I think were two that came up… which, while fine, are just not inspiring. I think we’re going to have to keep working on the name thing. I’m with you that we ought to scrap the breakfast idea, since while it includes breakfasty-type foods, it’s not something I’d actually make in the morning. We may have to go totally off-topic, and name it something random….

    • Hi Josh! :)

      I usually use either the Smitten Kitchen “really simple” pizza recipe:

      or one for a sourdough crust from our neighbor, who also gave me a sourdough baby/starter.

      I really like the sourdough one, especially since it’s very loose – it’s by feel & look instead of weights or measures – but to be honest, I don’t use it too often any more because I usually forget to take the starter out of the fridge in time. Sad.

      (And I should admit that if I’m really being lazy, I buy a refrigerated dough from the grocery store….)

      I think I’ll have to try your crust options – I really like how they give weights instead of volumes, which I think tends to give a better result in baking. I’ll try the thin one on Thursday. :)

    • I like it – it sounds much better in Italian doesn’t it? The only problem might be that it’s long – it would probably get abbreviated when I ask what I ought to make for dinner. Maybe just Lardo-Uovo?

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