Pollen Extravaganza

Today was a great day for bees.  They were everywhere this morning!  Here’s one I found for myself….

Pollen-y ButtI couldn’t get a good, focused shot of his face, because he (or she) was continually either flying about or diving face-first into a flower.  I thought it was pretty funny that, despite that, the pollen was flying everywhere.  Its butt (OK OK, abdomen) is covered in it.

Here’s my best face photo:

Blurry Head Shot… not very good.

Next week: Maxwell’s bee finds.

4 thoughts on “Pollen Extravaganza

  1. No face shot, but the bee in the flowers is great. This is what they look like most of the time anyway. Love the pink flowers with the veins and stamens in the second photo.

    • Ah, you caught me – that the lower-right flower is the point of sharper focus than the bee flower. :) But I’m glad you like the bees regardless of the composition! As you say, that’s what they spend their time doing – going face-first into flowers.

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