Maxwell’s Bees

Here’s my translation of an only half-vocalized conversation that I had with Maxwell on Friday as we were walking past a rather boring looking hedge.

the humming hedge

“Hey, look at that hedge!  It is humming!  Check it out!”

“Maxwell, let’s go.  Keep walking.”

“Hey, stop it!  The Hedge!  It’s Humming!  Look look look!”

“Let’s go.  C’mon.”

“No!  Let’s look at the shrub!!!”

“Maxwell!  Let’s go!”


After such an insistent preoccupation from him, I finally opened my eyes (and ears) and noticed what he was so interested in.  It turns out that that hedge, on closer inspection, was in full flower and positively covered with bees.

Perhaps needless to say, I spent several minutes trying to photograph these buzzing bee buddies; here are my two favorite photos.  One bee with its wings still fluttering …

Bee on Landingand another with a secretive, hiding bee within lurking inside the shrub next to it.

Bee with Second Secretive Hiding BeeI love those big round eyes peering out at me.

I have …well, quite a large number of bee photos now – but I thought it would be better not to inundate the poor blog with too many at once.  Perhaps I will post more later.



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