Raspberry Success

Of course the summer has not even begun yet, but I have good news on the Raspberry Experiment front.

The bushes are growing nicely:

Berry Bushes… berries are forming:

Future Berries… and we even have one just about ready to pick and eat.  (Since it’s our first, we’ll either have to flip a coin or split it in half.)  I didn’t get a great photo of it, but – since these are yellow raspberries – the ripe one is the rich golden one on top, partly behind a leaf.

Ripe Raspberry!That greener one in the front ought to be ready pretty soon, too.  Yum.

It’s hard to say whether the berries are more exciting, or the growth of the bushes.  They’re looking much better than when we first potted them, and very much like they’ll continue to thrive despite not technically being in a full-sun spot.  I’m so glad.

Berry bushes in the sun



11 thoughts on “Raspberry Success

    • Urgh. Right now the way we deal with it is not thinking about how much more we’ll have to clean that already-hard-to-clean porch.

      But really, it’s not too bad. The soil (and coffee) splashes out a little when we water, but it’s not much worse than it usually would be.

  1. Nice! My teeny tiny porch raspberry “bush” has exactly 4 berries, bright red and almost ready to eat. It also has only about 4 leaves. It did not drain well, although it’s starting to put up new shoots, so maybe better luck next year? Your golden raspberries are divine, so bushy compared to mine. I have raspberry envy. I love the golden kind. :)

    • Well, we did cheat and buy biggish, hearty-looking ones to start with. They’re definitely doing well and putting out new growth, but I’m not sure they’d be in such good shape if they hadn’t been so vigorous to begin with. Did you start yours, or buy them (it?) potted? I hope that it becomes more hearty during the summer – or at least produces a lot of fruit, like you said it did last year!

  2. The raspberries look delicious Julianne. Seems to me that the golden variety taste a little sweeter than the red. Was sharing your beautiful photography with my Uncle Jim (Giordano) who was visiting this am. He is very much into photography himself ask asked me to send him the link to your blog. He has a blog he started a few years ago, “onthedoorsteps.com” that you may find interesting. He is a pharmacist, hoping to retire soon and enjoy writing a photography full time.

    • Hi Kim! I agree with you – there’s something a little more special about the yellow raspberries. (Although I’m not sure it’s not in my head.)

      Thanks for sharing your uncle’s blog! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the website to load, but I would definitely be interested in looking at it….

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