Finished: Turnagain Cowl (#1)

I haven’t done a crafting update in quite a while; this is mostly because I haven’t had much of anything exciting to share since finishing my shawl.  I’m stalled on the fleece right now, since I want to try a spinning wheel as well as a drop spindle before I do much more with it, and this project took quite a bit longer to actually get off the needles than I thought and hoped it would.   But here it finally is!

CowlPart of the problem was the unending end-weaving, that felt like it would never be over.  I took it a little at a time – and end or two here and there – and eventually completed it.  Of course it might have been finished much faster if I had just done it all at once – but if I had decided to do it that way, I’m quite sure I would still be waiting for the right time to sit down and do it in 2019.

The other issue was that once actually confronted with them, the hundreds of stitches that needed to be cast off with a three-needle bind off – the live ones on the needles together with the opposite end, provisionally-cast-on-ones – looked quite daunting also.  But again, I finally settled down to it and persevered, and here is the cowl!

Cowl in a SquareI imagine this is mostly how I’ll wear it:

double-wrapped cowlDoubled up cozily and with part of each stripe pattern showing.

Bonus excitement: I have enough yarn left over to make two pairs of socks!  One will be mostly the dark teal, with stripes of the other colors around the ankles, and the other will be mostly the sea green with darker stripes.  Hooray.

Nascent Socks

7 thoughts on “Finished: Turnagain Cowl (#1)

  1. Cool to see the finished project that you were working on when you visited! I haven’t cast on anything since finishing the owl baby swaddler :-P

    • Agh, I forgot that it’s the project I brought to Davis! When I think about it that way, it feels like I’ve been working on it FOREVER. (Which I have.)

      I don’t blame you for not knitting right now – you’re so busy, and it’s summer (wool!) and it’s hard to get excited about a new project after finishing a boring one…

  2. I am confused! How can there be so many different colors on one side and so few on the other side? Is it double thickness?

  3. HI, Julianne,
    I like your phrase “get off the needles”. What a fine metaphor fo completed work or perhaps the last step of a project…

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