We arrived home late last night from a very short trip to Chicago.  One of our good friends from college was getting married, and we had a great weekend with a good mix of spending time with old friends and visiting some of our favorite places in the city and suburbs.  (To translate that last phrase: brace yourselves for lots of touristy photos from the Shedd Aquarium and the Chicago Botanic Garden in the coming days.  Highlights include super-tiny frogs, an >80 year old fish, and sturgeon petting.)

The wedding itself was awesome, very fun and relaxed.  The best part was a homemade photo booth that our friend set up in the corner of the ballroom, with a green screen and props and dress-up cloths and everything.

photo strips from aray's wedding

Mustaches were one of the main themes, and John carried his off with panache.; it was all I could do to sit up straight, rather than keel over laughing at his expressions.

(Note the pirate ship and Tardis backgrounds; there was also a Tardis card box at the front of the reception and Tardis cufflinks worn by the groom.)

There were only two small dampers on the weekend, one of which was a freak, super-intense thunderstorm that developed immediately above O’Hare about 3 minutes before we arrived at the rental car return. We got completely soaked running to the shuttle bus (although since John graciously let me use the umbrella, I was only drenched from the elbows down) and our birkenstocks filled with quarter-inch hailstones, which was all very exciting although not in the most comfortable way.  But dry clothes can be exchanged for wet ones, and our flight was only delayed by about an hour, so no harm done.  All in all, it was a fun wedding and an excellent trip!

5 thoughts on “Chicago!

  1. I love the idea of a photo booth with dress up props! Very fun and creative. I can’t wait to see your botanical garden pics especially but I’ll be “unplugged” for a week in the woods so I’ll see them when I get back.

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