Sturgeon petting


It’s a busy week, and we’ll probably be having another couple of busy weeks after this one, but I am really excited about my photos from Chicago … so I’m planning to post just a couple of my favorites every day (or, hopefully, at least most days).  No huge sets of photos – but it might go on for quite a while.

For the first installment – Sturgeon petting at the Shedd Aquarium!

Sturgeons are evidently quite friendly, and are happy to approach people to be petted.  (Flat-handed only, though; no poking!)  I really had had no idea.  At any rate, I was not quite up for sticking my hand in there with them, but  John was willing.  He was (maybe) a (tiny) bit wary, but approached the fish bravely.

Sturgeon Petting!

… and when one approached him – petted it.

John petting a Sturgeon

Evidently they are a little bit slimy.  Friendly, but slimy.

Friendly but slimy.


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