Some Favorite Coral Reef Fish

The central exhibit – and the first thing you encounter – at the Shedd is the huge coral reef tank in the center of the upper level.  It’s got all sorts of interesting sea life in it; for today, here are some of my favorite fish.

A Sargassum Triggerfish, which is so adorably neat and bright that it might as well be someone’s cgi-animated cartoon character.


Bubblefish, in the flesh and in bronze relief.

The Sharksucker, which looked like it was swimming upside down (but really wasn’t).

SharksuckerThis is the top of its body.  Weird, huh?

Top of the Sharksucker


And finally, a … well, I’m not sure what kind of fish; I forget its name.  But it’s one of those so-ugly-its- … I was going to say cute, but I just can’t go that far.  So ugly it’s ugly.  It does have an interesting pattern, though!


Happy weekend!

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