Granddad the Lungfish

This guy – Granddad – was probably the coolest thing in the whole aquarium; he came to the Shedd in 1933, and was already a full-grown lungfish at that time.  And he’s still alive and kicking!

Granddad - an 80 year resident of the She'd


… or rather “nosing.”  We didn’t see him move much, although he did spend a little time trying, perhaps, to burrow under that piece of wood in front of him in the photo above, or perhaps to nudge it aside.  It wasn’t exactly clear.

And to be fair, most of the other lungfish seemed to be in a similar state; I think they like lying about the tank calmly.

Lungfish, lying still


Although this guy was pretty energetic, and apparently excited about something!



More info on Granddad the Lungfish here – definitely a link worth checking out for its detailed story of Granddad’s history – or from the exhibit sign:

Granddad Sign


6 thoughts on “Granddad the Lungfish

    • I was shocked to read the sign! I’ve been there quite a number of times before, but never knew/read/noticed that there was such a long-term resident. Now that I know about him, I’m definitely going to keep my eye on him.

      And the Shedd really is a good aquarium … if you’re ever in Chicago.

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