Aquarium Frogs

We saw quite a lot of good frogs at the Shedd; here are some of them.  (The rest did not go unphotographed … they just came out blurry.)  There are quite a large number of poison dart frogs, a couple of bullfrogs, and a handful of Unknown frogs.  Or to be more accurate – Frogs whose Names I Don’t Remember.

3 thoughts on “Aquarium Frogs

  1. whoa. I had no idea they were so prevalent! I am currently pet sitting some in Corvallis (along with two turtles and three birds!) and they are really fun to watch. A bit worrisome in the hot weather, (to heat lamp or not to heat lamp) but fun none the less. :D Great photos!

    • Hmm. I don’t know anything about caring for frogs, but the heat lamp question does sound confusing.

      I wish we could see these sorts of guys around our home (apart from the fact that they are poisonous, of course)! But sadly all of the photos are from our trip to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. We did capture (photographically) a couple of really, really tiny frogs in the wild, but I haven’t posted those shots yet….

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