4th of July celebrations

This was, for me, a unique 4th of July; it’s the first that I can remember that didn’t include an ice cream cone (surprise!) and only the 2nd that we didn’t watch any fireworks.  We stayed in Arch Cape, which is a very tiny community between Cannon Beach and Manzanita, and decided to spend the day in Cannon Beach – despite their pro-puffin no-fireworks policy.  We weren’t sure how crowded the town (or the coast highway) would be for the holiday, so instead of biking all the way from Arch Cape, we drove and then used our bikes around town.  First up – a very cute little parade with one of the best floats I’ve seen: a homemade pirate truck, complete with 4 cannons on each side shooting out candy.

We continued our celebration with the good old American pastime of Consumerism; I spotted the town’s yarn shop and couldn’t help going in, and then of course picking out a skein or two, including a new brand that I’ve never seen before that gets my vote for Best Label Ever … which I’ll post a photo of later.  We walked on the beach, saw a performance of patriotic music by the North Coast Symphonic Band, watched the bonfires spring up on the beach as the sun set, and then watched Cannon Beach’s wildlife-friendly answer to fireworks: fire dancing in the park, with flaming hula hoops, torches, and ropes.

I did sort of miss seeing fireworks – but this was fun for one year at least, and I definitely approve of not disturbing the Puffins, and it was nice to be able to bring Max, who is not a fan of the usual noise.  The extra bonus is that neither the parade nor the park events were very crowded; I’m sure most people flock to Manzanita or Seaside, for their more traditional evening shows, so we had a nice, relaxed day and an easy time getting out of town afterward.

2 thoughts on “4th of July celebrations

  1. I had no idea Cannon Beach even had a puffin population or that they become disturbed by fireworks but I agree, if that’s the case, a little alternative celebration is a great idea. Fire dancing in the park sounds pretty awesome.

    • I know, I was surprised to hear about the puffins, too. I always think of them as cooler-climate birds. But they come to Haystack Rock (and maybe the other big rocks also?) to nest in the spring and summer! This is a sort of puffin-awareness week out there, I guess; there was lots of information about them everywhere.

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