Two Brompton Adventures

Most of our Brompton riding was just around town; we’d drive someplace, park for the day, and then go by bike.  But we were also interested in how they’d work on longer and more difficult rides.  Our first was last Friday: we started out from our hotel at the south end of Arch Cape, and rode the 6 miles up to Cannon Beach along the Oregon Coast Highway.  I don’t have many photos from the day … but I’ll post the couple that I have.

Me all ready to start out in the morning with my high-visibility-but-sadly-low-breathability jacket and well loaded touring bag:

Reflective jacket!

The bag looks big, but Maxwell is much more dense than the things I was carrying, so I got the double benefit of a lighter load, and looking like I had a heavier one.

A couple of Brompton side notes: we rode out that gravel drive for quite a ways, with no steering problems – and the front luggage attachment block is on the main frame, not the handlebar stem, and so gives a nicely weighted ride without interfering with the steering at all, which is really nice.

And a non-Brompton side note…  that’s our hotel in the background, which we picked as one of the only remaining available pet-friendly options by the time we actually decided to take the trip, but it was quite nice.  It’s the Arch Cape Inn and Retreat, and we had a cute little room with Max-friendly tiled floors and a tiny bed provided for him ….

Arch Cape bedroom

… and a hand-stitched quilt on the bed for the humans.

Handmade quilt

Very nice!

My only other photo from the bike trip is John at Silver Point, overlooking the “Jockey Cap” rock.  (Get it?)

John and Maxwell at Jockey Cap RockThe ride was fine; a little hilly, and I spent more time in 1st and 2nd gears than I though I’d have to, and having huge campers pass us on the curves was a little scary, but all in all we had a lot of fun riding & enjoying the scenery.  Once we reached Cannon Beach, we spent the day relaxing – sitting, reading, looking at the ocean, eating – enjoying a rare (for us) do-nothing day of vacation.  We came home early, while it was still light, and spent the evening strolling on our little beach.

Our other long-ish excursion was on Sunday, before heading home.  It was a shorter, but tougher – ride, from downtown Cannon Beach up to the Ecola State Park.  Here’s me getting ready to begin; I was fresh and chipper and excitedly sunblocking up.

Getting ready to ride!

However, I probably shouldn’t say “we” “did” the ride, since I had to get off and walk my bike twice.  To be fair, it was an official level-4 hill, with 350 feet of elevation gain over a mile, and we had been doing a lot of riding about over the last few days, so my legs were perhaps more than usually tired, but I was pretty sad that I couldn’t make it the whole way.  John and Maxwell both made it to the top smiling and cheerful; I was a little worse for the wear.

(Brompton steering note: we rode across that grassy expanse easily.)

Almost as soon as we sat down at the picnic table to catch our breaths and let our legs relax, we spotted an elk across the park.  I was much too tired to run closer to get a photo (having only my wide-angle lens … no zoom!) but John was willing to go for me.  Here are (some of) his shots!


Two Elk

Two Adult Elk and one Baby


We met some friendly people with a seagull on their table; the one downside, for me, of the Bromptons is that riding them, especially with Maxwell, creates a Spectacle.  We got tons of pointing and stares, and comments and questions, which John fielded for the most part since I don’t really like talking to random people.  (Nor answering the same questions over and over and over again.  Too reminiscent, and not in a nice way, of my TAing days.)  At any rate, I didn’t mind these people quizzing John for a few minutes, since it gave me an opportunity to nab their seagull.

Table Seagull

I am sure that their lunch had something to do with its friendliness.

We walked along the paths by the ocean and nabbed the obligatory self-portrait.

Me and John at Ecola State Park

… and since I’m running out of time this afternoon, I’ll post the rest of my photos from the park tomorrow.



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