Ecola State Park


So, continuing our little state park excursion: here is the coast, looking south from the park.   In the distance you can see Haystack Rock, and beyond that even – the farthest point sticking out – is about where Arch Cape (and our hotel) is.

Southern CoastWe explored the paths a little …

Heading down a path

and the boys perked up immediately when they spotted some climbing opportunities.

John and Maxwell spotting climbing opportunities

As soon as we arrived at that tree, Maxwell immediately leapt onto the table, and John onto the tree.  Sadly, the table only afforded a small climb for the Furrs, and the tree didn’t have enough texture for John to make it onto the branch, so the climbing adventure was short lived.


Eventually we were (I was) rested enough to make the return journey, which had a little bit of climbing; not much, but given how tired my legs were, I was worried about doing any at all.  But we packed up, took one last look over the ocean…

John, Max, and Bromptons overlooking the ocean… settled into our proper places…

Maxwell in the Brompton Basket

… and headed back to town.  I am happy to report that I made it back, and without having to walk my bike at all.  Hooray!

And as one final note, to wrap up the Brompton excitement, before returning them on Tuesday I took a photo of them in our (somewhat cluttered) car.  FYI:

Bromptons in messy Fit



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