Mustaches, Pt. 2

I realize we may seem to have a strange mustache fixation going on these last few weeks; I’ve been reading Poirot after Poirot, there was the wedding photo booth, and now this…

"The Eccentric"


We found it in a yarn shop in Manzanita, for “taking your ‘stache with you wherever you go.”

(For non-knitters, the “stash” is how we refer to all the extra yarn we own that we haven’t gotten around to knitting up yet.  Mine, unfortunately, seems to be growing.  I need to work on that!)


2 thoughts on “Mustaches, Pt. 2

  1. I scrolled the photo so that only your upper body showed. Then, I wondered what mustache you were talking about. After studying your face intently, I was sure I discovered it, only to see the real deal as I scrolled further. LOl

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