Tiny Frogs (in the wild)

I’m going way back, to our weekend in Chicago, to the Botanic Gardens.  I know you’re probably expecting to see some flowers, or at least trees, but I have to start with my favorite part of our few hours there.  We were walking along a graveled path, when suddenly one of the tiny bits of gravel leapt sideways.  I thought that my eyes had been imagining things, but – it leapt again.  Notice any

Tiny Frog!


Upon closer examination, it was a tiny little frog, and it wasn’t just on its own – the path was full of them, all over the place.

Itsy Bitsy Frog

Here’s one next to our friend Josh’s fingers for scale:

Frog, Josh's Fingers


I’ve never seen such a thing before.  It was crazy how small they were.  I’m afraid that I may have squashed a number of them before noticing that they were there, but hopefully not….


2 thoughts on “Tiny Frogs (in the wild)

  1. Awwww, those are some seriously cute tiny frogs! I’m betting they’re also super quick so you probably didn’t step on any.

    • I hope you are right! I couldn’t enjoy the garden for the rest of the time we were on that path; I was half keeping my eye out for more frogs (both to admire their tininess and to avoid stepping on them) and half worrying about all the frogs I had potentially crushed.

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